Scientific research Intensification is a step towards achieving the SDGs 9

5 February 2021

One of the Sustainable Development Goal 9 “Industrialization, Innovation and Infrastructure” targets is to intensify scientific research, increase the technological potential of industrial sectors, including by stimulating innovation activities and significantly increasing the number of employees in the field of R&D by 2030.

On the Day of Belarusian Science, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus presented an exhibition of the results of scientific, technical and innovation activities. Among the innovative developments of scientists were electric transport, robotic production and 3D-printing equipment.

During the scientific, technological and innovation exhibition the priority areas of scientific research in 2021 were presented. These are digital information technologies, medical and biological developments, energy, engineering, development of agro-industrial technologies and security of man and the state.

The video of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus' representatives speeches can be seen here.



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