Cultural heritage preservation is one of the Sustainable Development Goal 11 targets

15 February 2021

 Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus Decree No. 53 of January 29, 2021 approved the State Program “Culture of Belarus” for 2021-2025.

The state program includes five subprograms: “Cultural Heritage”, “Art and Creativity”, “Functioning and Infrastructure of the Cultural Sphere”, “Belarusians in the World” and “Archives of Belarus”. Their objectives are cultural heritage preservation, cultural institutions access, professional creativity development, cultural infrastructure improvement, partnership development. You can read more about the subprogrammes and activities within the framework of the State Programme on the National Legal Portal.

Information about the implementation of the State program “Culture of Belarus” for 2016 — 2020 can be found in the presentation of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus.

Preservation of cultural heritage is target 11.4 of Sustainable Development Goal 11. Information about the progress in achieving the indicators related to this target — “Total amount of expenditures per capita for the preservation and protection of all cultural and natural heritage” and “The share of budget expenditures for the development of culture”, “Number of heritage sites of the Republic of Belarus recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site”, can be found on the National Platform for reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals indicators.

Photo: Unsplash


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