An extended meeting of the regional sustainable development group

4 December 2019

On December 3, 2019 in the business center “Gomel-Raton” an extended meeting of the regional group of sustainable development was held in the format of the seminar “Localization of Sustainable Development Goals in the Gomel region”. The event was organized by the Gomel region executive committee.
The seminar was attended by representatives of the Gomel and other regional sustainable development groups, educational and scientific institutions, public associations and international organizations. Partners in the event included UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA and the Support Programme for Belarus of the Federal Government of Germany.

The seminar presented international, national and local experience, best practices and lessons learned on the way to implementing Agenda 2030. The discussion enabled the participants to better understand the challenges facing the region and the country as a whole and to consider strategic, institutional and practical measures to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the Gomel region.

During the seminar the participants were informed about the results of the MARS expert and consulting mission, which worked in 2017 in Belarus. The experts of the mission developed a roadmap for achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Republic of Belarus. Belarus was proposed platforms for accelerating the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals:

  •  A “green” transition to inclusive and sustainable growth;
  • Focusing on future generations: adolescents and youth;
  • Digital transformation and social innovation in society;
  • Gender equality in society.

Seminar participants were familiarized with the priorities of sustainable development of the country, laid down in the draft national sustainable development strategy for the period until 2035, developed by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, as well as approaches to regional development and monitoring of sustainable development goals at the national and regional levels. 
Representatives of the Mogilev regional executive committee. In addition, the successful experience of inter-regional cooperation was presented on the example of the Mogilev region.

Understanding the interconnectedness of the three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – the workshop addressed a number of selected cross-cutting issues. 

The economic section was opened by Andriy Sobko, First Deputy Chairman of the Economy Committee of the Regional Executive Committee: he spoke about the priorities and directions of economic development of Gomel region. Antonina Ezhova, Head of Administration of “Gomel-Raton”, and Dmitry Morozov, Director of “Gomel Technopark”, made presentations on innovation business in the region.

The social session talked about social aspects of sustainable development in the Gomel region; how state structures and public associations can cooperate for sustainable development; and how the public participation mechanism is applied in practice. The environmental section raised issues of the use of recycled material resources, forest protection, and the state of water resources in the region, and Ilya Borovtsov, Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Development, presented a project on the use of rainwater for domestic purposes.

The workshop was supported by the UNDP/UNICEF/UNFPA project “Supporting the Functioning of the Architecture for Managing the Sustainable Development Goals of the Republic of Belarus” and the Belarus Support Programme of the Federal Government of Germany.

Presentations in Russian can be found here.

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