Meeting of the Gomel regional sustainable development group

2 December 2019

On October 9, a visiting meeting of the sectoral group on economic issues of the Gomel regional sustainable development group was held in Rogachev. The meeting presented the sustainable development strategy for the Gomel region and the possibility of its implementation at the local level, as well as mechanisms for public participation in achieving Sustainable Development Goals on the example of the Rogachev district.

The participants shared specific practices in achieving Sustainable Development Goals:

• experience in organizing a creative public space “Your bookshelf” in the city of Gomel;

• possibilities of organic farming in the post-Chernobyl territories;

• possibilities of self-employment for people with disabilities and the elderly;

• options for youth participation for sustainable development of the region.

These achievements were presented by representatives of the Gomel State F. Skorina University, Social Projects Public Association, Unity, Eco-Innovation local fund for entrepreneurship and rural development, the Gomel State Regional Palace of Children and Youth Creativity, Rogachev Territorial Center for Social Services, Rogachev Regional Organization of the Belarusian Union of Women. Representatives of local executive and administrative bodies and the interested public from Svetlogorsk, Zhlobinsky, Loyovsky, Buda-Koshelevsky, Chechersky, Kormyansky regions also attended the sectoral group meeting.

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