Partnership Group for Sustainable Development

Partnership Group for Sustainable Development

Partnership Group for Sustainable Development is an open group that assists the institute of National Coordinator in achieving Sustainable Development Goals. The group includes the representatives of public organizations, business, international organizations. The first meeting of Partnership Group took place on January 25, 2018  with Marianna Shchetkina, the National Coordinator on implementation of Sustainable development goals leading the discussion. 

Sustainable Development Partnership Group working format

The Partnership Group for Sustainable Development operates within the framework of the governance structure for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (hereinafter the SDGs) in the Republic of Belarus and has the status of an open-ended group. It is composed of representatives of commercial and non-profit civil society organizations, including public organizations registered in the  in the Republic of Belarus, international organizations that share the principles and visions of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and are actively involved in the implementation and promotion of the SDGs in the Republic of Belarus.

To join the Partnership Group for Sustainable Development you need to fill out a questionnaire posted on the website www.sdgs.bu in the section “Partnership Group for Sustainable Development” (Basic Information / Management Architecture / Partnership Group for Sustainable Development). Partnership group coordinators review questionnaires and moderate the process of joining the group.

The list of organizations that filled out the questionnaire and passed the moderation is available on the website www.sdgs.bу in the section “Partnership Group for Sustainable Development”. These organizations are members of the Partnership Group for Sustainable Development and take part in its work.

The main objectives of the Partnership Group for Sustainable Development:

  • expression of interests of the interested public, commercial organizations and civil society organizations by collecting, considering and analyzing proposals on issues related to the achievement of the SDGs at the national, regional and local levels;
  • interaction with the National Coordinator for the achievement of the SDGs (hereinafter the National Coordinator), the Sustainable Development Council (hereinafter the Council), the working group of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus on the achievement of the SDGs (hereinafter the Parliamentary group) and the regional groups for sustainable development in interests of national development, aimed at achieving the SDGs in Belarus;
  • SDGs popularization and dissemination of positive experience in the SDGs implementation.

The field of work for Partnership Group for Sustainable Development centers around 4 main pillars. There are economic, social and ecological sectors, as well as the sector on relations with business. The coordinators gather and recap the opinions members of the Partnership Group and represent the interests of the partner group at the Council for Sustainable Development.

Organizations in Partnership group:

  • Association “Education for Sustainable Development”
  • Association of European Business
  • Belarusian State University of Transport
  • Belarusian Red Cross Society
  • United Nations Children's Fund in the Republic of Belarus
  • Informational and educational institution “Center of new political, economic and social ideas”
  • Research information institution “Center for economic research of "BURKES"
  • International public Association "Ecoproject Partnership"
  • Local charity Foundation "New school"
  • Local outreach Fund "New Eurasia"
  • Local social Fund "Good"
  • Public charity "Grodno children's hospice"
  • Public organization "Bahna»
  • Public Association "Belarusian Association of Young Christian Women"
  • Public Association "Ecodom"
  • Public Association of Sustainable Development "Harmony"
  • Public Association of Sustainable Development "Nash Sled"
  • Representative office of the registered company Deutscher Volkshochschul-Verband e. V. (Federal Republic of Germany) in the Republic of Belarus
  • Representative office of the socially useful limited liability company "Internationales Bildungs-und Begegnungswerk gemeinnützige Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung" (Federal Republic of Germany) in the Republic of Belarus
  • United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Belarus
  • Educational and Research Institution "Center for Public Administration Research "SIMPA"
  • Institution "Research Center of the Institute of Privatization and Management"
  • United Nations Population Fund in the Republic of Belarus
  • NGO "Gender Perspectives"
  • Limited Liability Company "Mara print"
  • NGO "Belarusian Union of Women"
  • Association of Additional Education and Enlightenment
  • International public organization "SOS-Children's Villages»
  • Closed Joint-Stock Company "Belarusian-Swiss Bank" BSB Bank»
  • Educational and practical Institution for the introduction of social marketing technologies "FAINAYA sprave"
  • Grodno Regional Association of Entrepreneurship
  • Mogilev Environmental Public Association "ENDO"
  • Social and Human Rights Institution "Doctors and Patients"
  • Private social institution "Center for the Development of Rural Initiatives"
  • Local Fund for the Promotion of International Dialogue and Cooperation "Interaction"
  • Private institution "Territory of Development-21st century»
  • Educational institution "Ozersk State Sanatorium Boarding School of the Grodno region "
  • Institution "Center for Environmental Solutions"
  • Social and cultural institution "StudObmen"
  • Association of Non-profit Organizations for Combating the HIV Epidemic/AIDS "Belset Anti-AIDS"
  • Public Association for the Promotion of Sustainable Development of the Vileysky district "ZOViK"
  • Local Foundation "Center for the Promotion of Socio-Economic Development of the Lithuanian-Latvian-Belarusian Territories Lake District"
  • Creative association "Svyazhem vmeste"
  • Cultural and educational institution "Prastora" Center of Urban Projects and Initiatives
  • Social Information Institution "Development of the Sharkovshchino Region"
  • Public association "Belarusian Association for Assistance to Disabled Children and Young Persons
  • Public association "Bereza Invest"
  • International Fund for Rural Development
  • Social institution on promotion of cultural innovations in tourism
  • Primary organization "Selchanka" of the public association Belarusian Women's Union
  • Ecological Research and Education Centre "Regional Centre of Expertise "Ecodemia"
  • Gomel Association of Children and Youth ASDEMO
  • Grodno Nursery-kindergarten #35
  • Social Cinema Workshop
  • Educational Center "New Tomorrow"
  • The Body of Territorial Public Self-Government of the settlement of Opytny, Minsk District
  • Private Unitary Enterprise "Etiketka"
  • National Public Association "Belarusian Helsinki Committee"
  • Institution "Advisory and Research Center for Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainable Development" DigitalHub
  • Office of European Expertise and Communication Educational Institution
  • Public assosiation APB
  • Environmental and Social Development Center



Contact information

Coordinator of the partner group on economic sector

Chubrik Alexandr Sergeevich 

 Director of the IEM Research Centre 

+375 (17) 207-47-25;

Coordinator of the partner group on ecological issues

Lobanov Evgenij Alexandrovich

Director of the Center for Environmental Solutions 

+375 (17) 334-53-23;

Coordinator of the partner group on social issues

Alhovka Irina Alexandrovna

Chairwoman of the board of the international public association «Gender perspectives»

 +375 (17) 211-02-51;

Coordinator of the partner group on interactions with business

Skarbovskij Alexander Ivanovich

Director of the fund «Dobra»,
head of the office of
UN Global Compact Belarus

+375 (29) 500-88-00 (fund);

Coordinators of the partner group on education

Muraviev Alexander Vladimirovich 

Director of the state educational institution «Minsk Gymnasium №19», executive director of the Association «Education for sustainable development»

+375 (17) 207-27-61;

Savelova Sofia Borisovna    

Coordination Centre «Education in the interests of sustainable development» of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University 

+375 (17) 327-63-72;

Coordinator of the partner group on regional development

Karpievich Dmitrij Viktorovich 

Chairman of the board of the Assosiation of Life-Long Learning and Enlightenment,  coordinator of the branch «Sustainable regional development» of the Belarus support programme by German Federal government  

+375 (17) 297-61-36;