National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus

National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus

National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat) is the member of the Council for Sustainable Development, responsible for collecting and processing data for the monitoring of achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Republic of Belarus. 

Belstat has conducted an examination of data accessibility for each indicator and their relevance for the country. National statistical committee has developed the national set of indicators for monitoring the implementation of SDGs, defined the source of data, levels of disaggregation, time-frames, and frequency of providing the information to Belstat and has initiated discussion of the issues of nationalization of the SDG indicators.

Together with other state bodies and organizations, Belstat designed a roadmap for monitoring of SDGs. The roadmap is a document that determines the steps of increasing the potential and spread of statistics on SDGs. 

The national set of indicators on achieving the Sustainable development goals in the Republic of Belarus includes 225 figures: among them, 131 figures correspond with the global set and 94 figures are complemented or changed by the alternatives which indirectly meet the requirements. 80% of relevant figures are available for measuring in Belarus. The unavailable figures became a foundation for the strategy of development of state statistics till 2022, which includes the events on liquidation of the data gaps.

Belstat has presented the system of indicators for measuring the implementation of SDGs on May 15, 2018, at the roundtable organized with the support of the United Nations Development Programme in the Republic of Belarus. Marianna Shchetkina the National Coordinator on the implementation of SDGs, Zachary Taylor, the Deputy Resident Representative at UNDP in the Republic of Belarus, members of the Council on sustainable development and representatives of the Partnership Group for Sustainable Development participated in the meeting.

The list of SDG indicators is the basis of the National SDG Reporting Platform. The National Platform is a single center for collecting and summarizing data on the current situation with the achievement of the SDGs in the country, as well as an authoritative source of relevant information for planning and tracking progress in sustainable development of the republic, monitoring the implementation of international obligations, and preparing national reports on the achievement of the SDGs in the Republic of Belarus. At present, the platform provides access to the database on 222 indicators with the depth of dynamic series where possible since 2000. The official statistics on the SDGs is available on the Belstat website.