The use of plastic packaging in Belarus will decrease

20 May 2020

Plastic pollution is a big environmental problem: the amount of such waste increases annually, as 96% of single-use plastic is disposed in the first year after production. This problem is also relevant for Belarus, where 280,000 tons of plastic waste is sent to the landfill every year, 140,500 tons of which are package waste. 

In 2020 the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus approved an action plan to gradually reduce the use of plastic packaging. It is planned to replace it with environmentally friendly packaging. And from 2021 it will be forbidden to use and sell disposable plastic dishes in public catering. 

Reducing the use of plastic packaging and disposable plastic production contributes to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 12 (Sustainable consumption and production), 13 (Combating climate change), 14 (Conserving marine ecosystems) and 15 (Conserving terrestrial ecosystems).

A presentation on plastic packaging can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of Natural Resources.


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