Generation 2030 report on achieving Sustainable Development Goals for children and adolescents was released

14 June 2020

The Generation 2030 Report on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals for Children and Adolescents has been prepared as part of a cooperation plan between the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus, based on the results of a study of government investment in developing the potential of children and adolescents to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

The report presents an analysis of the baseline level of SDGs indicators characterizing the situation of children and adolescents in the Republic of Belarus. It consists of two sections: the first deals with the socio-economic situation of children and adolescents in Belarus, taking into account the focus on achieving the SDGs. The second section formulates the goal, objectives and priority areas of policy in the field of sustainable development of children and adolescents up to 2035.

The study provided an evidence-based basis for developing a draft section on sustainable development for children and adolescents for the National Sustainable Development Strategy of the Republic of Belarus for the period until 2035. 

Focusing on future generations (children and adolescents) is one of the four accelerators for achieving Sustainable Development Goals in Belarus. 
The full report is available at unicef.by.


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