Prevention of domestic violence contributing to Sustainable Development Goal 5

25 April 2020

From 13 to 24 April 2020, a national prevention campaign “Home without violence” was held in Belarus. Specialists from the Ministries of Internal Affairs, Labour and Social Protection, Education, and Health, as well as from various voluntary associations, took part in it. The aim of the campaign was to help solve the problems of domestic violence.

Combating violence includes prevention of domestic violence (strengthening the social protection of families raising children, promoting employment, improving women's competitiveness in the labour market, and generally improving the welfare and quality of life of families); development of a system of social service institutions that will provide assistance to victims of domestic violence (social service centres, crisis rooms for temporary shelters); and information and awareness-raising activities to prevent violence in rural areas.

According to UN data, one in three women and girls experiences physical or sexual violence at least once in their lives. Most often this happens at the hands of an intimate partner. One of the aims of Sustainable Development Goal 5 is to eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres. Violence against women is a major factor in death or disability among women of reproductive age and an obstacle to progress towards equality, development and peace. The central principle of the Sustainable Development Goals — that no one is left behind — cannot be achieved without eliminating violence against women.

More information about the action can be found on the website of the Ministry of Labour.

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