Initiatives taken by the Gomel region to achieve Sustainable Development Goals

4 May 2020

Gomel TV and Radio Company has released an interview with Nina Kekukh, coordinator of the regional partner network of social non-profit organizations in the Gomel region, about Sustainable Development Goals. The host and the guest talked about the goals most relevant for the Gomel region and the whole Belarus.

Nina Kekukh stressed that the key role in changes is given to education, which gives a person the opportunity to realize the scale and nature of existing problems, as well as to acquire skills to apply non-standard approaches in solving these problems. She also drew the attention of viewers to the importance of Goal 17, Partnership for Sustainable Development. Only partnership and cooperation can bring about far-reaching change. The interlocutors discussed specific initiatives of the Gomel region that are working to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.



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